The Magneto-Science Society of Japan

What is The Magneto-Science Society of Japan?

It is our great pleasure to announce that a new academic society, “The Magneto-Science Society of Japan”, was launched on April 1, 2006. The society is a continuation of “Symposium on New Magneto-Science” annually held in Japan since 1997.

Magneto-science is mainly concerned with feeble magnetic materials, although it also includes ferromagnetic materials. Feeble magnetism (diamagnetism and paramagnetism) has been known about for a long time, but it is only in the last ten years that people have become interested in its application to materials processing. This trend is partially due to the advent of liquid-helium-free superconducting magnets that has enabled materials scientists to access high magnetic fields of 10 T or more in their own laboratories. Owing to the easy access to high magnetic fields, many unexpected findings have been made during the last ten years, such as the Moses effect, the Magneto-Archimedes effect, magnetic levitation, and the magnetic alignment of materials.

The increasing number of papers in the field of “Magneto-science” clearly demonstrates the importance and potential of this area of science and technology. Materials covered include biomaterials, organic materials, polymers, ceramics, metals, and combinations of these materials. The target size for processing ranges from nanometers to microns. Many different application areas are included, such as magnetic separation, magnetic targeting, magnetic analysis, and magnetic processing.

Though researchers in this area are widely spread across the world, the number of researchers in Japan is relatively high, probably because of Japanese leadership in developing and introducing liquid-helium-free superconducting magnets. Needless to say the communication and exchange of ideas among people around the world as well as people with different expertise from academia and industry is essential to the development of this emerging interdisciplinary area.

We encourage those who are interested in this area to join us and develop this new area together. We welcome international membership. At present time, it is not planed to charge international membership. Just register for membership so that you will receive information regarding the activity of this society. Also we encourage your interaction with the society such as attending annual domestic meeting (unfortunately, no funds are available for travel from overseas) to be planed in every November, organizing joint international conference on magneto-science, and so forth.

Thank you for your interest in this web site and we look forward to your registration.

April 7, 2006
Secretary general

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