What is Magneto-Science?

Magnetism is a key physical property of materials. It is our dream to manipulate chemical, physical, and biological phenomena using magnetic fields. Nowadays magnetic fields are known to affect many chemical and physical processes of even commonly used materials (e.g. diamagnetic materials) because we can freely use strong magnetic fields of 10 T or so even at a small laboratory. Consequently, many interesting phenomena have been observed. These findings are considered to present very useful implications for chemical and physical processing of materials. Taking this advantage into account, we adopted the term “Magneto-Science” to differentiate this new scientific field from traditional ones.
The International Conference on Magneto-Science (ICMS) is intended to provide an opportunity to foster critical discussion and facilitate wide information exchange by active scientists throughout the world, who are researching magnetic field influences imparted on chemical, physical, and biological phenomena, in addition to magnetic processing of materials.


The topics to be discussed at ICMS are magnetic field effects on chemical, physical, and biological phenomena, magnetic processing of materials, diamagnetic levitation, the magnetic Archimedes effect, spin chemistry, magneto-thermodynamic effects, magneto-electrochemistry, micro-MHD effect, magnetic separation and purification, magneto-crystallization, magnetic field-induced phase transitions, materials properties in high magnetic fields, novel magnetic phenomena, magneto-biology, high magnetic field production, and others.